Self-photography and flower collage workshops by Lucille Guder & Atma Portrait

The workshop aims to help women reconcile with their bodies, gain self-awareness through photography, and teach various collage techniques.


  • Intro and guidance - 15 min.
  • Discussion about the relationship with our bodies - 30 min.
  • Self-photography (preferably in underwear) - 60 min.
  • Break (drinks and snacks provided) - 15 min.
  • Flower collage workshop - 90 min.
You will take home with you:
  • Approximately 50 high-quality digital pictures in black and white.
  • A handmade flower collage based on your body lines.
  • Knowledge of the collage technique.

Self Photography and Flower Collage Workshop

What to bring on the workshop day:
  • It's recommended to wear minimal clothing or consider a nude option for the photo shoot. This choice aims to capture the natural contours of the body authentically. You will be completely alone in the photo studio, with privacy curtains and you will be the only one seeing your pictures.
  • For privacy reasons we will not store your photos from the photo session, so please bring a USB stick (any type of hard drive or Apple device with AirDrop function can also do the job) to take your digital pictures home.
  • Please bring a folder or something similar to safely transport your A4-sized collage home with you.

No previous drawing experience or materials are required: we will teach you an easy technique to draw your body lines!

When: Select your date below, from 6.30pm to 10pm
Participants: 4 max. (women only)
Location: Friedrichshain.
Cost: 85€ pp.
Duration: 3,5 hours

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Flower Crown Workshop & Group Photo Session by Lucille Guder & Atma Portrait

This workshop is a perfect activity for birthdays or bachelorette parties for up to 10 people, offering a blend of artistic expression and memorable moments with your loved ones.


• Part 1: Learn the art of creating stunning flower crowns using real flowers with the talented French artist Lucille Guder. Create your individual flower crown and express your creativity through this hands-on activity! - 1 hour.

• Part 2: A self-portrait photo session for your group, alone with the camera, similar to a photo booth experience. Capture fun moments in a series of self-portraits with your new flower crowns! - 1 hour.

All materials for the flower crown-making will be provided, no prior knowledge or skills are needed.

When: reach out to us and we will make it work! ([email protected])
Participants: 10 max.
Location: Friedrichshain.
Cost: 55€ pp.
Duration: 2 hours