About me

I am a french self-taught artist, based in Berlin.

I started to paint during the first lockdown in 2020: I had a lot of free time and I needed to fill my mind with positivity. I bought acrylic paint, papers, a canvas, and I created my first Flower lady, called “Flowershead”. She was the first one of a long series of flower ladies.

I use acrylic, paper, and real flowers. Women and flowers are my main inspiration, I like their aesthetic and their diversity. Frida Kahlo said, “I paint flowers so they will not die”. As an optimist, I would say “I paint flowers so they are forever alive.” My ladies are strong, colorful, at ease with their bodies, free, crazy, and delicates. Like flowers. My ladies don’t have faces as I want all of us women to be able to find ourselves in them.

I believe art should be sustainable too: my art contains used wrapping papers, magazines, and shipping material. I use leftover flowers too.

I am far from the art standards: I didn’t go to any art school, I never went to a painting class, I don’t exhibit in galleries and I believe art should be affordable. I mainly exhibit in cafés and shops, where my art can bring happiness to most people in their daily life.

I paint to tell stories, to empower women, and to bring joy.