About me

I am a French self-taught artist, living in Berlin.

I began painting during the first lockdown in 2020. With tons of free time and a need for positivity, I used my creativity to create my first flower Lady, “Flowershead.” She marked the beginning of a series of flower women.

My mediums are acrylics, paper, and dry flowers. Women and flowers are my primary muses, I am obsessed with their aesthetic allure and diverse representations. My flower women represent strength, vibrancy, body positivity, freedom, eccentricity, and delicacy. By omitting faces, I aim to create relatable figures for all women.

I advocate for sustainability in art. Hence, my creations incorporate repurposed wrapping papers, magazines, shipping materials, and leftover flowers. I also believe art should be accessible, thus I primarily showcase my work in cafés and shops, aiming to infuse daily lives with happiness.

My art serves as a storytelling medium, empowering women and spreading joy.

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